Detection of VOC content in tobacco packaging、ink coating and printing industry

2013-04-07 16:45:31 liting

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the concept of consumption, the suitability and security of the tobacco packaging material were achieved widespread concern.Once the residual organic solvent in the tobacco packaging material excess, not only affect the smell of cigarettes, but also endanger the health of consumers. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant national standards, the Shanghai Linghua Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed special instruments targeted chromatography analysis. And use our company’s headspace sampler for analysis can fully meet the YC / T 207-2006 requirements, and address the printing factory, ink manufacturers ’ test problems.


Gas chromatographic analysis of volatile organic compounds in the tobacco packaging material configuration:
Name                                           Specifications and descriptions                                                    Origin
GC-9890 Series     GC9890A+ Split / Splitless injection selection+ Flame Ionization Detector       Shanghai
SD2020                                                    SD2020 (Software)                                                            Shanghai
Gas Generator                             Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air Ggenerator                                            Made in China
Gas Purifier                                        Three gas line gas purifier                                                      Made in China
 Column                                                    capillary column                                                              Import