GC9890B (Enhanced Type Gas Chromatograph)

﹡Main Points 1.  Friendly interfacing gives easy operation.2.  Split / Splitless injection selection.3.  Self-testing function, quickly to find hardware faults.4.  W

  • Origin: Shanghai

Main Points

1.  Friendly interfacing gives easy operation.

2.  Split / Splitless injection selection.

3.  Self-testing function, quickly to find hardware faults.

4.  Wide temperature setting: environ + 5 to 450℃.

5.  Auto safety shutdown to fully protect detectors and columns.

6.  Column compensation to remove baseline drift.

7.  Can be expanded to five detector.



1.  Temperature: environ + 5℃ to 450℃.

2.  Programmable three ramp, rate 1->50℃/minincrement: 0.1℃/min, temperature precision: ±0.015℃.

3.  User may calibrate oven temperature sensor, and set maximum temp point.

4.  Smart backdoor makes it possible to quickly get to set point. It will take less than 12min to drop from 300℃ to 50℃.


1.  Packed Column Injection

2.  Capillary Column Injection

3.  Wide selection for injection systems like Headspace, Thermal Desorber or auto sampler.



1.  FID (Flame Ionization Detector)

Minimum Detectable: Mt≤5×10-12 g/s

Baseline noise: ≤ 6×10-12 A/H

Linearity ≥105

Time to stable:  0.5h   

2.  FPD (Flame Photometric Detector)

Minimum Detectable: Phosphorus Mt≤5×10-12 g/s

Sulphur: Mt≤1×10-11 g/s 

3.  TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector)

Sensitivity: ≥5000mv•ml/mg

Baseline Noise: ≤30μv (Carrier 99.999% He)
Stable Time: 1.5h

4.  ECD (Electron Capture Detector)

Minimum Detectable: Mt≤1×10-13 g/ml(r-666)

5.  NPD (Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector)
Minimum Detectable Phosphorus: Mt≤5
×10-12 g/s

Nitrogen Mt≤5×10-12 g/s